A New Day

A New Day is dawning
Another chance to make it real
A time of ending
A time of beginning
A time when a friend is just a friend
A time when romance is blooming
And now that the new day is upon us
So real it hurts
Hurts to let old flames burn lower
Hurts to let old friends go
The pain is replaced though
By joy unrivaled
Joy at seeing old flames grow happy
Joy at old friends find love a-new

An Old Night is calling
For one last curtain call
One last chance to say
Whatever it is on your mind
Whatever it is in your heart
Regrets we have many
But hopefully not enough
Not enough to obstruct the view
One last act in this old play
And then...a new one begins
Time has no meaning
When you spend it with your friends
Your friends are what help make you
You are what helps make your friends
And we are what we are because of them

Being molded like clay
But not crumbling to dust
We live because we can
We die because we must
A circle has no ending
A circle has no beginning
It goes on and on and on
Until time itself becomes meaningless
And in the end
When all is said and done
When the final curtain falls
When the stage is gone
And no one is near
The only one that is left

You, me, everyone
We are our own best friends
We are our own worst enemies
We are all that is left
We are all that matters
Them, us, no one
We tend to our gardens
We tend to ourselves
We look out to find friendship
And suddenly there is love
In all forms it is true
In all forms it shall last
Love in friendship
Love in love

Love...it is everything
Love...it is everyone
Love...it is everywhere
All you have to do is look
And when you find it
You shall know
The world shall know
I will know
We are all connected
We are all the same
We share one heart
We share one brain
And when the curtain finally falls
A new day shall be just beyond.

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