Life the ultimate roller-coaster ride
Death the ultimate check out line
Once you start down either
You can't stop until it's time

Love is the reason I continue to travel
Love is the reason I get burned
Love is the reason I live
Love is the reason I learn
Love, not a reason why.

In love with a dream
In love with the time
In love with the distance
But she is not mine

I ask myself why
I ask myself when
I see myself getting hurt
But still I pretend

It doesn't hurt
It isn't real
Everything you see
It's no big deal

An illusion created
An illusion to appeal
An illusion only
Illusions don't feel

Don't get close to me
Don't let me get close to you
I am not nice
I don't want to hurt you

Confusion sets in
My mind starts to spin
My mouth is sealed
My mind is open

Come see the freak with no name....I don't look for what is plain

And I try to speak my mind
But I can't because of my brain
Haste might be a must
But every time I try
I go bust

Everywhere I look,
I see people in love
I see people breaking up
I see myself in a glove
Away from all
Unable to touch

You have no idea
I cannot give clues
But with every word
I do.

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