The Annuki-Human Wars

Started: 15 July 2002
Finished: 17 July 2002
Revised: 27 March 2014

It was a dark and stormy night when it all began, when the first spaceship arrived on Earth nearly 2 years ago to the day. What had happened next wasn't what anyone had expected. Since the craft had been tracked from Earth orbit and it's landing site accurately predicted, Earths military forces had been gathered there, although I had a gut wrenching feeling about this, the media aired a press conference that had assured the citizens of planet Earth that this was just a precautionary measure. I knew better, but I had no way of contact the alien craft, no way of warning it's occupants that they were about to be blown out of the water, or at least that Earth's military would make that attempt. When the smoke cleared, the forces that had been gathered were decimated. Those that weren't killed had been captured. That's when other spacecraft began descending upon the Earth. Slowly but surely we were being taken over. Even if we tried to fight back, it was against near impossible odds. They had energy shields and weapons that could vaporize a tank. Our fighter planes didn't fare any better with their tactical nukes, our special forces were never successful in infiltrating their ranks to steal their technology. By the end of the first year we had been all but subjugated. Then began the second year. That's when the kidnappings had begun, at least in my area. I could only assume that the same was happening around the world as the media outlets had been disbanded and any form of mass communication was outlawed. The internet was taken down, although we were allowed to keep our personal computers, it was not the same, being cut off from the world. No telephone, no television, no radio. There was nothing we could do, occasionally word would come from some brave soul from across one of the oceans on the goings on of their lands, but the news was sorely outdated and most likely wildly inaccurate. It was the dawn of mans second dark age and we had the aliens, the Annuki, to thank for this.

The second half of this past year was the most wild of them all. That's when rumors began to circulate that the Annuki had begun to try and breed with humans, that they were beginning to try and walk among us. After all they had done to us, all the experiments, the war, the cutting off from the rest of society, they tried to join our society, or were they trying to eliminate the human race by merging it with theirs? No one could be certain. The only thing they were certain of is that they were convincing. Annuki-Human marriages were going up, and the survival rate of the off-spring also increased as hospitals around the world had their medical knowledge and technology upgraded to accommodate the new race that was being created, because no matter how much the Annuki disliked it, they were creating a new race. Now the second half of this year is coming to a close and we faced a new, more pervasive threat, the extinction of the human race by absorption into the Annuki ranks. Not many knew of this, and when they did, it was usually too late as 50% of their community were already either Annuki or Annuki-human hybrids. The human race is on the verge of extinction, and all I can do is sit here and type this story. I guess someone has to record the last cries of humanity. Sure, there were resistance cell's all over, but they were far and few between. The Annuki had been effective in disabling any and all resistance, and by the time most people knew what was happening, it was too late.

General Richard had convinced the president that the only good defense was a good offense, that had been after the space craft had been picked up on radar as it orbited the Earth. With the president's blessing, he had gathered up enough of a military force to take over several small countries and had them all placed at the landing site once it was known. Even though at the time I was the one put in charge of first contact situations, even haven been given the title "Human - Extraterrestrial Liason", I was not aware of this new development, I was not aware that there was a spacecraft orbiting the Earth. I didn't know about it until I saw it streak across the sky to the landing site. That was probably the first of many mistakes. The second being when the military opened fire, unprovoked, upon the emerging alien's, whom some survivors say were dressed as dignitaries, while others say they were dressed in what appeared to be full military regalia. The shot heard round the world, heh, the U.S. War for Independence never had a battle or shot fired that so shaped the entire world as did the first report of the tanks cannon when they opened fire on the alien visitors. Now if only the alien's had some sci-fi movie weakness, that would have been a blessing. Unfortunately, no amount of bad music played would cause their heads to explode. As the tank shell bounced off the hull of the alien craft, a lance of blue-white energy flicked out from within the craft, melting the offending tank and all inside. That's when all hell broke loose, but it didn't matter for us, no matter how we hit them, or with what, it seemed to have no effect, even nuclear weapons had little to no effect on them. Air strike after air strike was called in until satellite and radio communications had been severed. Air strike after air strike was cut down after they dropped their bombs.

The aliens could have caused the war to be a much shorter one, but it was as if they were toying with us, daring us to continue fighting and then cutting us down were we stood. We were no match for them, and they knew it, they knew it and still they toyed with us. Made us pay for attempting to kill them when they first came here. Of course since we fired the first shot they could claim that they were on a diplomatic mission to establish a political relationship with us, and of course people had believed it at first. They did come out unarmed and we did fire upon them without provocation. Maybe humanity deserved to be wiped out, absorbed into a greater civilization, after all, we had done what the Annuki are doing, even if on a smaller scale. What is the difference between absorbing a culture that doesn't want to absorbed and doing the same to an entire race, a grand civilization that, to be honest, wasn't so grand. We spent more money on weapons and luxury then we did on science and medicine. We went to war with each other for no better reason then the color of the others skin, or for the fleeting ideals of religion. Belief is a dangerous thing, belief's cannot be changed (at least not very easily, after all, two years ago, human kind believed we were indeed alone in the universe, and now that we know we aren't, were are on the verge of extinction, isn't that ironic) while ideals can. Ideals can be shaped and molded to fit the changing landscape, while belief stands tru throughout the times, is held as fact and treated as such. What a dangerous thing is belief, what a dangerous notion that my belief is more right then your ideal, what a sad, pitiful way to live.

Is our existence, at least what is left of it, so meaningless that we have to give it meaning through war, strife, slavery, through the slaughter of another because of religious differences? Political differences? Differences in sex (and sexual preference) or skin color? Differences, it is those things that make us different, unique, an individual, that should also bring us closer together as human beings. We in the Western Hemisphere claim we are better then those elsewhere because we have more freedom and less authority, yet, are we any better? We have homeless people and murders and rapists and hermits and gays and lesbians just the same as everyone else in the world. Do our material goods and our arbitrary laws make us any better? Any worse? Now none of that matters. The Annuki are here, and slowly they are absorbing us, culling us (the average intelligence of the human race has probably gone up significantly without all the stupid people breeding, but at what cost?) We are losing our identity, being forced to conform or to die out never knowing what it's like to travel in space, to do all the things Gene Roddenberry showed us in Star Trek. To visit new and alien worlds. To explore and to learn. 6 months before the Annuki had arrived, scientists around the world claimed we had explored every millimeter of the surface of our planet. We knew all that was to be known about the living things in this world. We had found cures for cancer and AIDs, we had found ways to turn Africa back into a lush paradise of food and water for all. We reversed the effects of our own pollution and averted disaster, yet we had not returned to the moon, we had not explored Mars. We were explorers at heart, yet we were afraid to explore the next great frontier.

We had colonies underwater which took the burden off the surface world, communicated with dolphins after decoding their language, yet we were not any better off. We halted the reckless harvest of timber from rain forests around the world and we thought we had paradise, but in all these accomplishments, we lost the will to explore. To learn more about outer space, to visit the moons and planets within our own solar system. Magic was alive and flourishing, yet we still warred with each other. Still assassinated our political leaders or those of countries that we thought were oppressive. We didn't see our own folly, our suppression of our desire to search out and seek new life, new worlds. We had failed the greatest of science fiction writers by not doing so. We failed Poul Anderson, Harlen Ellison, Larry Niven, Orson Scott Card, Greg Bear and the countless others who dreamed for us when we couldn't dream for ourselves. Most of all, we failed ourselves.

We failed, and now we were paying the price, as I sit here with my Annuki wife, I look back at what we had and what we could have become, but all that is changed now. I have 3 kids and a dog, a wife who loves me, the house of my dreams, but I know in the end, when the last human dies, no one will mourn the passing of the greatest of Earth's civilizations. Indeed, for all our failings, there were those visionaries who were still able to produce the greatest paintings, the greatest poetry, the greatest plays and stories and songs. Those were the real saints. Those artists who gave of themselves, showing no fear to any ridicule that they might have endured. Indeed, no one will pass the mourning of the human race because we have left so much behind. Our museums of art, history (both natural and the legacy of man), war, music. We are being absorbed and there is nothing to do about it, but, who really wants to? Who among you reading this wants the world to stay the same? Yes, I would have liked to see humanity streak into space aboard rockets and spacecraft the likes of which our greatest of science-fiction writers could have never of dreamed of and explore the galaxy before we went out, but in a manner, our genes are being carried on. They might not be human, but they do look human. Whose to say they weren't bred from the same stock we were? After all, offspring between us and them survived with the same amount of success as "pure" human children. No, it is not what our gene's say, I think, that makes us human. It's how we think and act that makes us human, humane even.

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