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My Views on God and the Bible

My views on God are quite simple, really, and can be summed up in this phrase: The Bible is the inerrant word of God. Its authority is absolute (2 Timothy 3:16-17), if there is any seeming contradiction or error, the fault lies with the interpretation and not the text. That isn't to say, however, that all bibles are equal. Unfortunately there are some publishers with an agenda. For example, the NIV publishers are known and have been shown to be actively removing the text and have several times tried introducing more so-called politically correct bibles and there is one group whom have published what they call the 'Queen James Version' in order to push the homosexual agenda. With proper, spiritual discernment, though, one can find several translations which offer clarity of language (meaning the translation brings into the modern tongue(s) the ancient texts with no or minimal distortion of the original), study-ability (meaning they are easy to study), and provide a place for the True Believer (herein abbreviated to TB) to jump off into prayer and union with The Creator for greater understanding that is totally impossible without spiritual discernment (one that is only provided by the Holy Spirit, since such things are unknowable by those still in rebellion).

I do not believe anyone is an unbeliever, just unwilling to be in submission to our Heavenly Father (which, by God's gift to us of free will, is their choice). Scripture clearly indicates such, especially in the first chapter of Romans (Romans 1:18-21). While this is not a popular view, it is one I must take because God – through His servant Paul – tells us such. Any offense to such a view must be taken up with Him as I will not entertain any other point of view as valid nor will I spend time defending Him or His declarations. He is more than capable of doing such and does not need to use me in that capacity. I have nothing to offer Him aside from my willing obedience to do His will.

I do not celebrate Halloween, Christmas, or Easter as all those holidays are nothing more than pagan rituals that have been white-washed and co-opted in a misguided attempt to make Christianity more palatable. There are no end to the Scriptures which teach us to flee idolatry yet professing believers keep making excuse after excuse for celebrating them. If you wish to do so, go ahead. No one is stopping you. Just do not expect my family to celebrate with you. We are more than happy to spend the day with family, enjoying each other's company, sharing a meal, and even exchanging gifts if that is what is what you want to do but understand this: All the 'traditions' surrounding the three named holidays are rooted in very pagan rituals (which are easy enough to uncover using any of several search engines). Christmas is rooted in the pagan celebration of Saturnalia (a winter solstice celebration) with some tree worshipping thrown in from northern Europe with additional idol worship in the fictionalized person of Santa Claus (which some claim to be based upon a Roman Catholic saint called Saint Nick, even if true it just adds to its lists of reasons not to celebrate, especially with the constant lies told about the fictionalized Saint Nick/Santa Claus). Easter – as celebrated – has its roots in the worship of Eostre, a German fertility idol whose symbols include the rabbit and eggs (and you really cannot be any more blatant than ripping off the name by changing one letter and their order). Halloween – while not directly related to Samhein – is still demonic in origin with roots in trickery/deception, fear, and costumes meant to supposedly misdirect spirits (demons) from finding who they are looking for. There is no need for anyone to invite such activities into their homes. Again, though, if those are things you wish to do, go right ahead. Just do not fool yourselves into thinking that the white-washing done to these 'holidays' sits well with God. Scripture makes it clear that He finds sorcery, wizardry, mediums, and idolatry to be abominations. Anything having to do with those are equally abominable and should – therefore – be avoided as well. I will restate one more time, though, that if you wish to engage in these activities, feel free to do so neither I nor my wife or anyone else we know will try and physically stop you. Just know what it is you are inviting into your homes and lives.

I am not perfect by any means, as you'll read – if you continue on and read the two pages consisting of my testimony – I too fall short of God's glory on a regular basis. What makes me different – not better, but different – is that I, like Paul (Romans 7:14-25) struggle against sin. I no longer want to sin, and neither does God want me to sin. It is why He provided His Son as the perfect sacrifice to pay for the sins of the entire world. Scripture makes clear that none who sin are righteous, but that if we are putting on the righteousness of Christ – if we are truly living out the daily sacrifice of the flesh man and dying to sin and living in Christ – we can be like Him because it is Him being like Himself through us (Galatians 2:15-21). Since Christ cannot sin, and He is perfectly, sinlessly righteous we too can live that life – if we pursue Him as we should. I have not reached that goal, although I believe Paul did. Even so, Christ is our model and our eyes should be on Him as were Paul's and the other apostles, disciples, etc.

Salvation is only available through Christ and our acceptance of Him as Lord and Savior. You cannot fake salvation either in yourself or others. Man cannot save you, governments cannot save you, idols carved from wood or stone or precious metals and gems cannot save you. You cannot approach God without going through Jesus (John 14:6). No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. If you're just looking for a 'Get Out of Hell Free' card, keep playing Monopoly, you might find one there.

If I seem radical, crazy, or just out-right disturbing in how firmly I hold onto my beliefs, and how I strictly I take what is said in Scripture, good. It is only right that one holds onto the truth with such dedication. My obedience is all I have to offer to God and even that isn't good enough. It's so poor, in fact, that I have to humble myself to the point where I have to let Christ finish what He started. If I'm living out my faith according to what Scripture says, it is because I have been able to move out of the way and let Christ do what He paid the price to do: Take care of sin once and for all. Please continue reading on to my testimony, which shall be updated as my life continues to – hopefully – more closely match that of Jesus Christ Himself. He will finish the work which He started..

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