Here I will put various projects I'm working on from my LED Bicycle Turn Signal to my latest project, a DIY optical disc lamp. I will try to include plans, videos, and explanations of how I did everything so that you can reproduce these things yourself (though the LED BTS I'm wanting to sell as a kit) and also to be an inspiration to others that yes, even on a budget you can do things to improve your life and make things easier for yourself. God has given us talents and abilities, it's time we put them to use as He intended and quit making excuses. We may not all have the same abilities and talents but that is a good thing.

My electronics projects will probably end with the LED BTS, as I don't really have the dexterity or control in my left hand, a second bout with cancer has left my left-hand in a very sorry shape, though I am truly thankful for still having it, as I could have opted for straight-up amputation of the arm. More of my projects will tend to be on a larger scale where such fine agility isn't necessary, or at least required.

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