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DIY has a long and proud tradition amongst us humans, one that at one point I would have believed to have been fading, but the never-ending stream of unique ways to recycle/up-cycle and innovate has blown my mind. Starting with some plans by others, I will begin to engage in my own projects. Not because it will make me famous, but because it will help me and my family when we eventually go off-grid.

My first DIY project is going to be a compost tumbler. For obvious reasons doing compost the old-fashioned way is out of the question for the most part. Not to mention I won't really have the time once my businesses get off the ground. I could just buy one, but they are generally more expensive than I could make for myself. I already have the barrel I want to use, I just need to build the frame for it. I was looking at making a frame from angle-iron, but do I really need something that heavy and strong? I don't think so and am going to use hard-wood to make the frame from (oak or poplar). I think it will be a lot cheaper that way (angle iron around here is rather expensive, it seems) and a lot more easily replicated by others.

Even though I don't have my first DIY project finished yet, I am also looking into several other projects from raised flower beds up-cycled from used palates to a worm-box so I can harvest the casings for use in composting and directly put in my garden beds. I've found several nice, all-wood projects for this and once I pick one, I'm going to see how much it would cost to make for others.

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