Projects: Electronics

Electronic devices are all around us. Computers, televisions, radios, phones, you name it there is probably enough electronics to qualify it as an electronic device. I've always been fascinated with electronics since the first time I opened up an alarm clock radio to see what was inside of the case. Despite my passion, though, I don't know nearly enough about them as I would like. That will change, though.

The first project I will share with you is something I've been working on for a few years, most of the time trying to save up the money to finish parting out the final project so I can move it from my breadboard to its final configuration as a finished project. I don't have a real name for it aside from calling it what it is: LED Bicycle Turn Signal. I've seen many bicycle turn signals at places like Wal*Mart and bicycle shops, but none really are bright enough for me to feel comfortable using them in the daytime, which is why I decided to go with LEDs. Now I just need to build the case for the circuit and then solder the circuit onto the board. Powering the circuit is another issue that's kept me from moving much further ahead with the project. Right now it would need either two (2) 9V batteries or one (1) 12V lead-acid battery. The latter is really bulky and heavy and I'm wanting this signal to be portable and self-contained. The only wiring coming from it should be going to the switch.

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